Currently In Development

The we’re funny that way® web hub – housed at and on YouTube.  The site is built and the exciting part of producing content is underway.

A site chock full of queer content – original and curated – from us to you AND from you to us! Music, comedy, docs, cabaret, literature, spoken word – if it’s got a queer sensibility and entertaining we’re for bringing it to you AND letting you bring it to the world through QueerShare the feature that lets everyone contribute!

And speaking of contributing, we wouldn’t be a start-up without a Patreon page – we’re only looking for $8 a month contributors.  Ya know like if you were paying for a computer programme or subscription for something.  Little bit from a lot of people would be amazing. Check out the channel promo below and follow the link to Patreon here.

Our first foray into original content on the channel will include our flagship show with a working title of LATE NIGHT LEZBO hosted by Maggie Cassella


Late Night Lezbo is an ongoing production and is seeking patrons for funding through Patreon.  Please follow this link  if you want to help us reach our goals to make this show the fun romping shizstorm it’s title intimates it’s going to be.  There’s a secret surprise on the Patreon page too.  So go. Sneak. Peak.

we’re funny that way®  Performance Festival – The world’s first queer comedy festival has expanded to a festival of comedy, music, burlesque, one person shows, story-telling and more.  It returns June 12-5, 2019 at the Tarragon Theatre.

The We’re Funny That Way®  Festival began in 1996 featuring the pioneers of queer comedy from Lea DeLaria to Bob Smith to Kate Clinton, co-founded by Maggie Cassella it was literally the FIRST international queer comedy festival in the world and is a 100% charitable event that benefits The We’re Funny That Way Foundation .  The We’re Funny That Way Foundation’s mission is to make transformational donations to queer charities (presently across Canada, in development in the US, and with an eye to the world).

The subject of an award-winning documentary of the same name the Festival retired itself after it’s 15th year.  But it was missed.  And people continued to ask “when are you bringing the festival back”?  Sparked by the establishment of Ford Cassella Productions and encouragement from some major sponsors like BMO,  the festival returned with great fanfare and talent in 2017 and 2018 and returns June 12-15, 2019.  Go here to learn more about the Foundation and the festival.