Our Mission and You

Well hello.

We are Ford Cassella Productions and our motto is:  “Do Good. Do Good Business.” We intend to change the world by creating web hubs for underserved communities and niche audiences all over the planet. (Motto #2: Niche is the new mainstream.)

A bit about who we are- Katie Ford has a very storied resume. She was one of the creators and writers of the hit movie Miss Congeniality, a producer/writer on Family Ties and Desperate Housewives, and wrote the Emmy-nominated film “Prayers for Bobby” which starred Sigourney Weaver. And if we do say so ourselves, Katie’s also a kick ass monologist who’s able to evoke both laughter and tears from a live audience.

Maggie Cassella, well, she’s been around since the late 80’s when Lea DeLaria (Orange is the New Black) spotted her hosting a show and said “You’re gonna do stand-up”. They became writing partners (one book, two screenplays) and continue to collaborate to this day (Obie Awards, We’re Funny That Way). Maggie has produced series for Canadian TV and hosted her own nationally televised talk show (Because I Said So). She’s appeared on every major Canadian network (as well as CNN) as a commentator (did we mention she used to be a lawyer) and was the creator of we’re funny that way ® (the first queer comedy festival in the world). Her live production experience spans 25 years since she put on that first show with Lea back in 1989.

So back to reinventing. How are we two ladies going to do that? Well, with our fierce determination to underserved audiences we intend to “ask questions first and shoot later” (Motto # 3).  That means engaging the audience in the creation of the content they want to see, identifying and bringing along new talent and interesting content from each of the communities we work with, and making a space for the members of that community to communicate with each other.

Serving, plus mentoring, plus creating for the world.

We’re starting with The We’re Funny That Way web hub.  An online community for queers and queer adjacent folks to experience entertainment content, interact, share, comment, and opine with people all over the world. How to characterize the We’re Funny That Way web hub? Well, take cabaret shows, web series, stand-up performances, poetry slams, singers, songwriters, a bookstore, Angie’s List, Instagram and Facebook, throw them in a queer blender and you’ve got the We’re Funny That Way web hub.

We’ve already got ground-breaking original content in development which include videos of the first and longest-running queer performance festival in the world by the same name.

On top of that, our pre-launch Facebook posts and videos have reached hundreds of thousands of people. It’s proof that in spite of many gains, the queer community remains underserved, underrepresented and searching to see ourselves, hear our stories, and to connect with each other on a global scale. Oh yeah, we’re definitely onto something.

The plan is to move onto two more hubs, one that would serve a certain underserved group in the health care community, and another celebrating the diversity of Toronto.


Okay so here’s where YOU can come in:

You can be a part of the action every month by becoming a patron on Patreon:  Why monthly?  Well, given Maggie Cassella’s experience hosting talk shows and interviewing famous people (not to mention grilling folks when she was a lawyer) our first foray into original content will be a talk show hosted by Maggie called“Late Night Lezbo”.  The show will feature a lot of interviews, plus talent you may or may not have heard of, that we intend to foster and expose to the world.

Because this is an ongoing production we have specific goals and immediate needs like:

  • We own one broadcast quality camera, we need a second identical one so that we don’t spend money on rentals that would quickly add up to actually owning the second camera.
  • Ditto for lav mics.
  • We’d love to take our crew and travel to interview some of our favourite famous queers.   We know how to operate on a shoestring budget but we still need the shoestring.

Our budgets* are skinny but still budgets (yes we intend to pay people for their work) so any pledge is a helpful pledge.

And we thank you ahead of time for even considering us. There isn’t really a model for what we’re doing (a for-profit endeavor to include and reach underserved communities while also mentoring talent and engaging with the audience), so the mountain is high but to misquote the great Diana Ross –Ain’t no mountain high enough to keep us away from you world.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and helping us to Do Good. and Do Good Business.

*Budgets available on request for large sponsors or backers.